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B Practical Pottery 

Bridget fairbank makes pottery, installation art, and orchestrates happenings- all of which aim for the re-imagining of everyday actions and relations. The handcrafted object is now the subversive object. Her utilitarian items act sometimes as objects of irony, sometimes as objects of intimacy and sometimes as a means to an educational end.  A revolution is cooking in the kiln. 

Alberta Craft Council 


Flowers and plants have long been codified and are powerful communicative objects. Past work by ceramic artist Bridget Fairbank considers flora, wild or domestic, as a living witness to humanity. Now she asks the viewer to witness the plants, invasive, local and exotic that are attempting to exist, cleaning our air, having sex and fighting for survival in Alberta.


Will the plants in this exhibition take over or will these small layered, abstracted personal expressions be the souvenir of a perished plant? Fairbank proposes a compromise: coexistence by attentive interaction. Rather than translating the specific these tiles are meant to be plant-like, expressive, personal and joyful, a reminder that we are not apart from, but a part of nature. A reminder that growth is possible.



Featuring a huge bunch of talented emerging BC ceramic artists curated by Léïa-Fahé Villeneuve, Sarah Leckie + Marita Manson

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