The Experimental Dining Project //DISH

A Design Collaboration

The DISH event has taken place on three different occasions with new guests, chefs and potters each time. It is an event where hosts invite strangers to dine in the gallery. Handcrafted tableware and home cooked food is the focus. Exhibition goers are offered a new unique experience and the opportunity to connect to each other and reevaluate their notions of food.

The Experimental Dining Project // DISH

Hosts simply serve food and observe. There is only of stipulation of dinning. Each guest have a single question generated by the chefs written at their place setting to act as a conversational prompt. The question must somehow be considered by the diner during the meal. Some prompts in the past have included the following:

What is your biggest concern about food? ( production, consumption, value, taste, anything at all!)

Tell us the best food story you know.

What do you love most about food? What do you hate most about food?

Are you a vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, carnivore, freegan? How did that happen? Why?

What did you eat for dinner last Tuesday? What made you remember?

How many times a week do you eat at a dinner table with more than one person?

Do you currently own handmade or manufactured dishware?

What types of food do you eat at home?

What types of food do you eat out?

Would you sit at a communal dining table at a restaurant with other parties you don’t know?

Did your family have and/or use China dishes?

Do you like to share dishes? (as in eat family style)

What was your favorite family meal growing up?

What is one ingredient you could not live without?

If you tried eating something new and didn’t like it, would you try it again? Give us an example!

Are table manners important to you, and if so, which?

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